GPS Tracking to lower fuel consumption with Fleet Management System

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The Ready Track GPS Fleet Tracking System will give you insight into your fleet's activity to deliver significant fuel savings. There are many ways our GPS Tracking System can reduce fuel consumption, below are some examples;

Limit Speeding and High Revving:

Speeding wastes fuel. The Ready Track GPS tracking System provides reports and alerts to show you who is speeding, where and when. Alerts can be sent instantly to the drivers themselves letting them know to slow down or to the fleet manager by either SMS or email.

High Revving is an unnecessary waste of fuel and by reducing high Revving, you can cut down on the cost of your fuel expenses significantly. The Ready Track GPS Tracking System provides the ability to send drivers or fleet managers instant alerts telling them to drive sensibly if they rev the engine too high. Some customers save 5 or more times the amount that the system costs by utilizing this capability.

Unauthorized Usage:

With your customised GPS Tracking System from Ready Track, you will be able to monitor when and how your company vehicles are being used, but checking previous trip reports, you will be able to prove odd hours or weekend use, or even see if they are doing their own jobs on the side.

Optimized Routes:

Ready Track GPS Tracking System easily allows you to determine wasteful trips after the fact, and productively assign the best route for future trips. Our advanced reporting system can show you a step by step animation of the exact route that was taken in a specified time period. This can capture evidence of drivers padding hours by driving too slow or catch drivers who are inefficient and have to speed to make up their time.

Fuel Card Reporting:

Many fleet managers use fuel cards to help control and manage fuel costs. Fuel Card integration with a GPS fleet tracking system will give you complete visibility over your fuel spend.

Ready Track GPS Tracking System customers can generate Fuel Reports on their vehicles, monitoring the total distance driven, fuel consumption, fuel price and much more. Comparing these figures with your corporate fuel cards or credit cards and save your company a considerable amount of money in the event of employees misusing their fuel cards or credit cards.

You will get precise fueling information for your overall fleet, as well as individual fuel usage of a specific vehicle. You can easily pinpoint any fuel wasting practices, or outright fuel theft.

Proper Vehicle Maintenance:

Vehicles that receive regular maintenance run more efficiently and use less fuel than neglected vehicles.

Alerts can be set for each vehicle based on calendar time, engine on-time, or mileage depending on the type of service needed. When a vehicle is due for maintenance, Ready Track GPS Tracking System can notify you via email or in the reporting suite.

A proactive vehicle maintenance program can also reduce the chance of your vehicles malfunctioning on the roadways and causing serious accidents. In addition, properly maintained vehicles help save your assets by keeping vehicles on the road to do more business and costing less money in repairs over time.

In addition to regular vehicle maintenance, the Ready Track system can also notify you of any unexpected engine faults in real time, allowing you to take the vehicle to be repaired and know exactly what the problem is.

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